I’m a working artist living in MN USA

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I have an associate arts degree in commercial art. I’ve lived and worked as an artist all of my adult life. I’m the art director of a screen printing company.

My current series is film collage. I create images from scrap/recycled bits of production art film used for screen printing. I place them into a composition, tape them and secure them to graph paper or art board. The inspiration comes in many forms from architectural, to landscapes to the organic. Most of the images are black and white, some have amber hues as well. These are rare pieces of art.

I’m now offering original pieces for sale! Please visit my Instagram to purchase original art and prints. Please follow me on instagram for more information!

I like movies, music and art and all are usually unusual. I prefer unusual people as well. I’m a wife and a mother, we have a son enrolled at MCAD!


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